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Digital Transformation is considered as one of the core innovations
being used in leading the Downstream Operations of the Oil & Gas
Industry, with the companies focused on increasing asset utilization
via enhancing manufacturing efficiency of plants.

The ongoing shift to becoming digital is expected to present even
greater potential, given the strategic push by many companies to
expand their downstream operations of the oil and gas value chain,
especially petrochemicals.

Multiple oil and gas companies are relying on technologies such as
AI, IoT, Big Data, among others into their operations so as to
improve their operations Middle East.

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Digital Energy Expo Exhibition is interactive and hands-on. Bring your device, your system or your product so that conference attendees can truly experience your offering. Digital Energy Expo provides a unique opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to connect with more than 600 of the most progressive decision makers in the industry. Showcase your product or research, engage with early adopters, and capitalize on solid visibility.

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Driving Digital Transformation In The Energy Sector


While upstream integration continues to dominate in the Middle East, most new investment is going downstream, with the majority of refined products being exported. The continuing trend is toward mega-refining and petrochemical integration, while forming joint ventures for local exports and target-market assets are increasingly becoming part of corporate strategies. The automation solutions that are being used for maintenance and turnaround planning tools use application performance management and AI-based simulation and can be easily added to an existing operational system. The upgradation of sensor systems, to enable better predictive and prescriptive maintenance, can lead to long-term operational efficiencies.


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